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  1. Mar 15, 2020 · min-max and max-min, O(mn) time, O(1) space. 33. coder206 997. Last Edit: March 15, 2020 5:38 AM ... Let maxMin be the maximum of row minimums and minMax be the ...

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    Generates a space-filling design under the criterion of maximum-minimum distance;both discrete and continuous searches are provided.

    Constructing a space-filling design under the criterion of maximum-minimum distance is quite useful in computer experiments and related fields. Previously, researchers would construct such a design in a random accept-reject way, i.e., randomly propose a location within the study region to replace a randomly selected row from the initial design. If such a proposal increases the minimum pairwise Euclidean distance, then accept the replacement; otherwise keep the original design location. By repeatedly proposing (and accept-rejecting) in this way one is able to construct an (approximately) space-filling design. However the algorithm is inefficient computationally. The reason is that the proposals are not optimized in any way. In this package, we provide an alternative to build up a well-defined space-filling design more efficiently. There are two versions, one is with discrete search, while the other is with continuous search. For the former, each iteration proposes to swap out a row f...

    F. Sun, R.B. Gramacy, B. Haaland, S.Y. Lu, and Y. Hwang (2019)Synthesizing Simulation and Field Data of Solar Irradiance, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 12(4), 311-324;preprint on arXiv:1806.05131. M.H.Y. Tan (2013)Minimax Designs for Finite Design Regions, Technometrics, 55(3), 346-358. M.E. Johnson, L.M. Moore, and D. Yivisaker (1990)Minimax and Maximin Distance Designs, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 26(2), 131-148.

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  3. Minimax and maximin space-filling designs: some properties and methods for construction Titre: Plans d’expériences à remplissage d’espace minimax et maximin : quelques propriétés et méthodes de construction Luc Pronzato1 Abstract: A few properties of minimax and maximin optimal designs in a compact subset of Rd are presented, and

    • Luc Pronzato
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    • 2017
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  5. in spreading the points out across the experimental region. This is the idea behind space-fllling designs. Morris and Mitchell (1995) proposed to flnd the best LHD by maximizing the minimum distance between the points. The optimal LHD under this criterion is shown in Figure 1d. Other approaches to flnd good LHDs are given by Owen (1992 ...

  6. Naïve Method. Naïve method is a basic method to solve any problem. In this method, the maximum and minimum number can be found separately. To find the maximum and minimum numbers, the following straightforward algorithm can be used. Algorithm: Max-Min-Element (numbers []) max := numbers [1] min := numbers [1] for i = 2 to n do if numbers [i ...